For years now, I’ve been wanting to move to the country where neighbors are just out of sight, there is no traffic, and there is open space for the soul! At this point in my travels I’ve had a revelation.  I love the idea of growing my own food, but there are things I would […]

In Arizona, Ada and I were thrilled to find both Kokopelli and petrified wood.  If you don’t have time for the Petrified Forest, don’t worry.  The stuff is everywhere and how cool is it that trees from the Triassic Period were preserved all this time by Nature for us to marvel at or study (depending […]

Boston was fantastic. The city has a strong and endearing personality and we quite fancied each other. Firstly, these New England cities are not really built for Rvs. The lanes are skinny, the quarters cramped, little parking, few lots, low clearance underpasses, one way streets up and down steep hills with the parked cars on […]

Thank you, John and Christal for the wonderful gift: tickets to the zoo!  Annabelle hasn’t been to a zoo since she was a baby and she LOVED it! We all loved it, but it was Annabelle’s first time seeing animals bigger that a pet–can you say rhinoceros? And the best part? Ada found flowers named […]

The beautiful home that Jeff and Reda have made in Alexandria Kentucky is an oasis of peace, lovliness, and blooming flowers, conveniently located real darn close to our destination of Cincinnati Ohio. After a series of Walmart hotels over the prior week, then a couple of hours driving through the serene bluegrass hills, we reached […]

“I guess my ideal educational system would be a society in which knowledge was widely free and widely and freely shared, and children were everywhere trusted, respected, safe, valued, and welcomed . . . I think practically anything we do to help is mostly going to be harmful except for very limited things – answering […]