Cincinnati with Family


The beautiful home that Jeff and Reda have made in Alexandria Kentucky is an oasis of peace, lovliness, and blooming flowers, conveniently located real darn close to our destination of Cincinnati Ohio.

After a series of Walmart hotels over the prior week, then a couple of hours driving through the serene bluegrass hills, we reached their house where we were so glad to see family and spend a most pleasant couple of nights and mornings, interspersed with days in the more hectic world of Cincinnati.

The first night was the best, when Jeff brought out his gigantic homemade telescope and a little step ladder so Ada could climb up to see what she could see: the rings of Saturn, for one, as well as stars and maybe solar systems.


Ada peers into space.

The next day and even occasionally now, a month later, she was overheard singing a song she wrote about the relative heat of various stars and informed me matter-of-factly that if our sun was the size of Beetlejuice, the Earth would be inside the sun!  And a few days after the telescoping session she drew this picture in chalk on driveway:

Here she is learning how a telescope works:

Thanks for having us, and feeding us, and keeping such a pretty place to be a rest stop on our travels!

Jeff and grand-neph (that rhymes)


  1. Merry Rosenfield
    August 6, 2011

    Oh, how lovely!!! I wondered if you were going to have a blog entry with Jeff and Reda! I’ll send him the link so he can see it. And check out this link Jeff’s telescope won 1st prize at an astronomer’s convention recently!

    1. Free Range Dreams
      August 9, 2011

      Thanks for the link–that’s really cool!


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