Too Comfortable?

Can you be too comfortable?

When we get really comfortable, are we still growing? I think we humans thrive on constant challenges. That’s why routines start to feel like ruts. And you start to wonder if this is really all there is to life.

All of which is to say, it’s time for us to move again!

What’s Going On

I haven’t blogged here for years. This blog was intended to document our nomadic life when our family of five lived in a 22′ RV and traveled the country, rarely staying in the same spot two nights in a row.

Our original adventure in 2011

That was a great adventure. It was also sooo hard. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m pretty sure that easy is to adventure as parmesan is to spaghetti (oh, I should mention here that I loathe parmesan cheese).

And we were so ready after that adventure to accept my parents’ invitation to move in with them and have some stability, a couch, and the ability to plug things in whenever we wanted. My parents are angels. I absolutely could not have imagined any better parents.

While we were here, we expanded our business teaching and selling woven baby wraps for parents who want to keep their baby close to their heart. We were able to reach vastly more people with the incredible benefits of baby wrapping, and we made a ton of friends.

While we were here, our kids experienced school for the first time and then experienced being taken out of school to homeschool.

While we were here, our children grew from ages 2, 3, and 8 to ages 6, 7, and 12. They learned to ride bikes, bake cookies, and play chess. They have swum in the Gulf of Mexico, splashed in rain puddles, caught frogs, caught lizards, and spent lots of time with friends.

We're A Little Wild...

A lot has changed.

The Next Great Adventure

We are moving onto some land in the mountains of New Mexico!

We cannot wait to finally get to experience country life as we’ve wanted to since we had kids. We’re looking forward to mountains and forests. And seasons! Spring, Autumn, and Winter have been missing from our lives for too long!

Why Not Make it Really Uncomfortable Exciting?

Oh, yeah. The home that is available for us to move into is a beautiful one room cabin with skylights and a wood stove but no electricity and no plumbing.

So that should be interesting.

A Corner of the Cabin Waiting For Us

Keeping Up Wrap Your Baby

While we are physically moving in a very drastic way, our family business – Wrap Your Baby – is not going anywhere 🙂

You will still find all the wrapping resources that you need at

Diana, owner of Wrap Your Baby

You will still be able to buy high-quality, comfortable, and beautiful wraps from us. We will use solar panels to power our computers so we can receive orders and answer questions.

We will have to go a little farther to get your packages to the US postal service, but we are willing to do that every day for you ❤️

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  1. The way how you share your extensive knowledge is marvelous! Thanks for sharing! It’s too comfortable to be at this place!


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