I am finding it impossible to report on our doings at all, and the other day I realized why.  I was marking down an appointment towards the end of January in my calendar, and as I looked down at the month of January, I saw that we had been in Albequerque on the 3rd. Albequerque!  […]

We just put up the cloth cradle we’ve intended to use from the beginning.  It’s a baby hammock, designed to be baby’s bed, and my wonderful husband hung it over our bed in Benny so that now, it is possible to put Cassidy (6 months) in the hammock, and then (until Annabelle–22 months–joins us sometime […]

I tend to let my children go out and adventure without hovering, and moreso with each child. A few weeks ago when her sister was chasing her over the sidewalk, Annabelle had a terrible spill and scraped up her lovely face: nose, lips, and chin all lost the top layer of skin and generated tiny […]

Annabelle brings this book to me and makes her request noise, “Dee? Dee?” “In the great green room there was a telephone, and a red balloon…” And her face lights up and she swings her short legs with excitement. We have several good books which she loves, but we could read nothing but this one […]

Question: are you crazy to move into a 22 foot motorhome with cloth diapers for two and no washer/dryer?! Answer: yes But here’s the plan: First, I am switching to flat diapers in preparation for our newborn-to-be. I love flat diapers for several reasons: they are super cheap they take up very little room they […]

Yes, it’s taken us a month to get away for our first weekend in Benny! This was our first time really using Benny as a home.  We’ve turned on the lights now and then, and the toilet’s been used several times in my weekday activities with two kids.  But we really needed to get away […]