Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

Annabelle brings this book to me and makes her request noise, “Dee? Dee?”

“In the great green room there was a telephone, and a red balloon…”

And her face lights up and she swings her short legs with excitement.

We have several good books which she loves, but we could read nothing but this one and she would be happy.  This is handy, since the RV doesn’t have a bookshelf, and we won’t have a library card.

Beyond convenience, these little moments remind me that everything we need will be coming with us: Goodnight Moon, our family, and time together.

Toddler reading


  1. Angela
    March 6, 2011

    my kids love this book! and you’re right, all that you need, you will have with you on your journey. not much ends up being oh so freeing and simple and enjoyable and that much more precious. enjoy preparing! catching up on your blog now, as we feel like we still are in transition, and my time has been fleeting. i will be sure to follow along, and hope to meet up on the road sometime soon!

  2. Laura Sherman
    May 28, 2011

    How about the ereaders? They’ve really come down in price and seem like a good option. They have kid books. I haven’t bought one yet, but am considering it. Sounds like a good solution for Benny though!

    1. Free Range Dreams
      June 11, 2011

      It’s definitely occurred to me, but I can’t quite imagine reading without holding a book! Does this mean I’m officially old and resisting new technology? Also, do they do picture books on e-readers?

  3. Rebecca
    June 12, 2011

    That’s our son’s (3) favorite book & looks to become our daughter’s (8mo) favorite, too. It’s just wonderful. Your plans are so exciting & inspirational. So many times my hubby & I have said we’d love to just pack up & travel/live in a Winnebego ourselves. In the mean time, your plans are inspiring me to continue simplifying our lives. Enjoy your travels with all you need – your loved ones & time. 🙂


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