Getting rid of stuff–or dekludging, as we call it–happened to an actual perceivable degree this weekend.  You see, Sunday was my birthday and what did I want?  LESS stuff!  My darling husband obliged by taking a day off from the giant mess of things we always have to get done, and just sorted and boxed things instead.


Then he took stuff to charity.  I should have counted the boxes.  At least two big boxes, several littler ones, and random objects like a stool, a rug, a box fan, a globe…all gone!

I want to run with this momentum.  If I can get a couple more boxes filled, I can have someone pick them up, and maybe take some furniture too.

We’ve been reluctant to get rid of things like the couch until we’re really moved out, because why not leave the creature comforts until we’re done with them.  But I’m beginning to realize that we’ll never be moved out until we do get rid of them!  I want to give away the couch, our big livingroom chair, and an old beat up but cool organ.  We’ll see if I go through with it.

I have some things boxed up that I foolishly boxed in our plastic lidded boxes.  Well, we may need to keep the boxes, though I want to give away their contents.  Good planning, right?  So I have a box of Christmas ornaments to re-box, and a box of kitchen items.

I decided I would be fine not toting Christmas decorations around (or storing them).  I thought, what a nice tradition it will be to make new ornaments with the kids each year.  Popcorn strands and cranberry garlands, orange slice ornaments, paper snowflakes…

I still love that idea, a way to fill up our Decembers with productive Christmas activity.  But we also discovered that we have some ornaments we just don’t want to give up.  Things made by David and his sister as children.  Some passed down from my grandmother.  And some ornaments gifted by my mother or which we got ourselves over the past seven years since we became a family that commemorate various times or occasions of our life together.  So we have a small box of Christmas ornaments to store and the rest are outa here!


  1. Momma Jorje
    March 15, 2011

    I recently went through xmas stuff, too! Instead of one big plastic box of xmas stuff, that same box now holds both my girls’ Easter baskets and all our plastic eggs for that. And there is room to spare. I had already gotten rid of the tree. I have kept stockings and stocking hangers.

    Go you on the leap of progress! I’ve been considering getting rid of our couch and we don’t even have a travel trailer yet! We just don’t use it much. I usually sit on the floor or ottoman.

  2. Momma Jorje
    March 15, 2011

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

  3. Mariza (MB)
    March 15, 2011

    Great! We also worked on getting rid of stuff this weekend and it’s so hard! I have a bookshelf that was packed with stuff. Stuff that I hadn’t touched in like a year. Oh! but at the time of cleaning it up, it was hard to let go.
    I didn’t keep any Christmas stuff, but we didn’t have any ornaments that were meaningful to us. I’ll be posting a completed room on my blog tomorrow. That room was a huge challenge.
    Congratulations on your progress!


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