Bartering for Laptops

new (used) laptop

One of the things keeping us from moving out of the house and into Benny is the fact that our desktop computer and our projector and giant movie screen are in the house.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit that such modern, technological luxuries have kept us from our tiny-house dream, but, well, we like a movie before bed at night–it’s our way to relax when the children have been put away…

Movies aside, a laptop computer is a necessity for our new lifestyle because we rely on a computer for most of our income, correspondence, and planning, and there is just nowhere for a desktop to find a home in our new home.

So we’ve been researching laptops.  After reading an article about the poisonous side effects of computers both in the manufacture and disposal, we were committed to finding a used laptop so as not to add to the nasty mire, so that–at least this time–we would not be personally contributing to the terrible situation.

Well, David did some renovation work for a friend on Saturday, and mentioned our laptop search.  Turns out his friend has two laptops he has replaced and would love to trade them to David for the work he’s doing on the house.  Two laptops that are great for our purposes (including one with a big screen perfect for watching movies), with some beautiful, cushy laptop cases thrown in to boot!  And we bartered for them, which always makes me happy.

nice laptop case
Nice case, right?

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