I am finding it impossible to report on our doings at all, and the other day I realized why.  I was marking down an appointment towards the end of January in my calendar, and as I looked down at the month of January, I saw that we had been in Albequerque on the 3rd. Albequerque!  […]

We just put up the cloth cradle we’ve intended to use from the beginning.  It’s a baby hammock, designed to be baby’s bed, and my wonderful husband hung it over our bed in Benny so that now, it is possible to put Cassidy (6 months) in the hammock, and then (until Annabelle–22 months–joins us sometime […]

Well, we’re home now. This house in Clearwater isn’t supposed to be home anymore, but it’s difficult to loose the habit of calling it that.  We have an offer on the house, for less than the amount of the mortgage, and we’re waiting to hear from the bank whether they will accept it as payment […]

She’ll be seven years old in just one month and she is the most kind, thoughtful, sweet and caring girl I could have hoped for. When I ask her if she will get my sandals, hold my purse, or hold her brother, she responds with a sweet, “Of course!” Annabelle adores her sister and chats […]

Ah child of countless trees, ah child of boundless seas… Cassidy always struck me as a little Buddah baby and that impression remains now that he’s growing up. I can’t pinpoint what it is. It’s not that he doesn’t cry, because he does. But his general disposition is jolly and easy going and he seems […]

Annabelle was eighteen months old when we left, was adjusting to being a big sister, and starting to talk. A couple of weeks into our adventure I decided to wean her. She was having a really rough time sharing nursing with our new baby and there was a lot of screaming and thrashing involved when […]

Counting Down! Roof vent cover replaced. Roof painted (twice) with sealant. Benny checked out with mechanic. Benny checked out again with electrical mechanic. Birth certificates acquired for everyone. Passport sent for. Drivers license renewed. Car sold. Work van sold. Utilities canceled as of 17 June. Still to do: pack every last thing in Benny except […]

This is our last week.  Way too much to do.  I’m waiting for David to get home from his last day of work (!) and then I’m hoping he can post a bunch of stuff on Craigslist WHILE watching the kids so I can make dinner and simultaneously pack our kitchen into Benny. Once I’ve […]

…is the day we leave Clearwater!  We’re getting really excited and have way too much to do! So, come June 17th, what will be doing, exactly? We will be following David’s gigs in our motorhome, as that’s our purpose for going on the road.  But I plan to make a list of things I really […]

Then there’s the question of camping/rent.  Leaving David’s job means living on a lot less. As such, we’ll be looking for free camping as often as we can.  Our preference is to find lovely forests to camp in, because that’s where we’d like to be anyway.  Sometimes public lands can be found where you can […]