One week to takeoff!

Counting Down!

  • Roof vent cover replaced.
  • Roof painted (twice) with sealant.
  • Benny checked out with mechanic.
  • Benny checked out again with electrical mechanic.
  • Birth certificates acquired for everyone.
  • Passport sent for.
  • Drivers license renewed.
  • Car sold.
  • Work van sold.
  • Utilities canceled as of 17 June.

Still to do:

  • pack every last thing in Benny except for…
  • things taken to charity thrift store and…
  • things stored with friends and family.
  • Give away pantry items that don’t fit in Benny.
  • Clean house.
  • Test roof for leaks.
  • Replace spare tire.
  • Fix kids’ window.
  • Replace one light fixture with fan/light combo.
  • Change oil.
  • Find vegetable oil to fill both tanks to capacity.
  • Install toilet lock and oven lock for Annabelle’s benefit!
  • Get box made to fit on hitch haul with veggie oil tank.
  • Pack tools in box.
  • Post things for sale on Craigslist and if they don’t sell by next week…
  • Add things to pile for charity.
  • Find farms to stay at en route.
  • Plan visits with friends along route.
  • Locate state and national parks and forests to camp in.
  • Locate good, cheap RV parks to stay in once a week for recharging batteries and dumping tanks.
  • Identify attractions to see along route.
  • Find books to read with Ada about the places we’ll be visiting.
  • Send posters and other promotional material to venues.
  • Continue booking shows farther North and then along return route.
  • Get PA speakers fixed.
  • Install Quickbooks on laptop and set up two businesses.
  • Copy CDs onto computer and store CDs.
  • Scan copies of birth certificates and other documents into computer and…
  • sell scanner.
  • Transfer contents of computer to laptop and…
  • Sell computer.
  • Change address of LLC.
  • Register new address with City of Clearwater, bank, and other business entities.
  • File change of address with post office.
  • Supply parents with several postage paid envelopes to send us our mail in monthly.
  • Pay insurance and phone/internet up through October.
  • Bring beloved kitty Throckmorton to new (wonderful) family—our dear friends who will love and feed her until we come back for her.

Why is my second list so much longer? And only a week left—yikes!


  1. Cara
    June 12, 2011

    Hey there, I’ve been following your blog with interest for a while. Just wanted to comment to say I’m excited for you to finally set off, and I hope the next week goes smoothly for you all!


  2. Dannette
    June 12, 2011

    Oh Wow Diana!!! You have accomplished so much & I am sure the rest will smoothly come together, as it is meant to! Wishing you safe travels & blessings for a magical adventure with your absolutely beautiful family!! Peace, Love & Veggie Oil ! YAY!

  3. angie
    June 13, 2011

    Wow, I am so envious of you super cool mama! Good luck on your adventures!


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