Benny the Brave

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” ~~Maya Angelou

Our new home, a 22ft 1982 Winnebago Brave motorhome christened “Benny the Brave” by the lovely family who renovated the interior with eco friendly materials, converted the engine to run on waste vegetable oil, ran him on solar power, and sold him to us when they were ready to convert a new RV in their earth-loving image.

We love him!  He is like a cocoon of love.  He has personality, needs, and can be difficult.  He reminds me of the rest of us.

I call him Benny.  As in, “I’m going to get the groceries out of Benny,” or, “I think I left the laptop in Benny.”  I look forward to when we’re fully moved in, and then there will be less moving things in and out of Benny, though I will still tell my one year old, “Let’s go back to Benny and have lunch,” after a long day at the playground.  I’m pretty sure she said “Benny” the other day.

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