Other Fulltime RV Dwellers

We’re not the first to think that a family of five can be happy living fulltime in an RV: http://www.lundy5.com/

This family is working on baby #6: Roadschooling Ryans

Family of six living their dream of changing the world: Passion to Action

Unschooling family of four: Clan of Parents

This family of four traveled in a vegetable powered motorhome showing the nation how to live lightly: Happy Janssens

Thanks to Mariza for reminding me to include the Ticknor Tribe, a family of 13(!) living on the road fulltime: Our Traveling Tribe

Or peruse a whole bunch of blogs by families on the road.

And here’s one with no kids, and not traveling, but a perfectly respectable architect living in an RV.  He uses it as a home and office in Santa Barbara, having chosen to live in an RV because “It’s not only beautiful, it’s also useful.”  He offers 12 real life reasons why living in 158 sq ft can be a very grand experience:



  1. angie
    March 10, 2011

    so many fun blogs to check out! thanks.

  2. Mariza (MB)
    March 12, 2011

    And the family of 13! http://ticknortribe.blogspot.com/
    Check out how they have their home arranged. I find this so inspirational.


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